The “Africa Youth Advantage”

The Africa Youth Conversation (AYC) seeks to bring to the front burner the key element of “youth” as Africa’s most critical resource for global competitiveness and sustainable development.

While most leaders in the developed world are worried about the growing size of their respective country’s ageing populations and its medium to long term implications on their individual country’s economic competitiveness, perhaps, wishing they all have Africa’s youth resource; in contrast, African governments and their political leaders seem not to recognize this important “youth advantage” Africa has.

Wouldn’t it be seen as half-witted to assume that they lack the will and the capacity to make the requisite investments in its youth population?

Is it not obvious that, without aggressive investment in the youth, Africa’s development in the foreseeable future will remain a mirage.

Key Objective

The Africa Youth Conversation (AYC) is committed to providing opportunities for regular engagement of policymakers, thought leaders, decision-makers, researchers, youth leaders, academics, etc. on broad issues of youth development within the continent with the purpose of offering actionable ideas, providing valid data, reports, etc. and promoting coalesced actions towards optimally harnessing the Africa “youth advantage”.

The initiative will also undertake to track and document youth-focused developments across the continent.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Rather, it is a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of Africa Speakers Group [Africa Speakers Bureau Ltd].

Participation is FREE. Participants are only required to register for the event through the provided links.

No! AYC is not a platform by youths for youths; it is a place for conversations about youth development by the young and not-so-young. It is our conviction that the convergence of youthful energy, enthusiasm and talent, and experience and knowledge will lead to a better result for everyone.

At the moment it is wholly funded by the platform owner, Africa Speakers Group. However, it is open to and ready for collaborative partnerships, and it welcomes all sorts of support – sponsorship, donation and service, from corporate organisations and individuals. 

AYC Ambassador is a seat reserved for those who are ready to support what we do in any meaningful way. As an AYC Ambassador, one is expected to become or continue to be a youth development and empowerment advocate – championing and supporting the cause in one’s circle of influence. So in effect, an AYC Ambassador is a representative of our cause.