Pretty Kubyane

Pretty Kubyane’s business experience date back to her days in the village, where from the age of 6 she worked in her family’s business. Her father owned a car repair workshop and wood cutting businesses. Prior to co-founding Coronet Blockchain in 2019, Pretty worked within management consulting, specialising in access to new markets and business expansion Her key highlights include scaling a new business from 500 USD to 2 million USD within 36 months, raising two funding tranches from a US multinational, to build Coronet, a blockchain-powered supply chain solution to disrupt Africa’s supply chains, being featured by over 100 media platforms and reaching over 5.5 million audiences in just one year. Her company vision leading to 2030 covers 3 key sectors: Beauty, fashion and agriculture supply chains. Pretty is big on leveraging technology for social good across 9 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while pursuing an efficient, ethical and inclusive African supply chain.