Africa Speakers Group Announces a New Date for its Africa Youth Conversation 2.0

This edition of AYC will cover two thematic areas of innovation and public leadership.

Africa Speakers Group today announced it has postponed the Africa Youth Conversation (AYC) 2.0. The virtual event will now hold on Saturday, 30 July 2022.

The Africa Youth Conversation has a primary objective to provide opportunities for regular engagement of policymakers, thought leaders, decision-makers, researchers, youth leaders, academics, etc. on broad issues of youth development within the continent with the purpose of offering actionable ideas, providing valid data, reports, etc. and promoting coalesced actions towards optimally harnessing the Africa “youth advantage”.

Speaking on the forthcoming AYC 2.0, the Communications Lead, Blessing Akaruese, says, “Africa Speakers Group remains committed to the overall objectives of the Africa Youth Conversation. Furthermore, there is a significant change to the programme design – each edition of AYC will now be concluded in one day rather than in two, and the agenda will be limited to only two key issues. The attendance remains free, though participants are still required to sign up to participate in the Conversations.”

This edition of AYC will cover two thematic areas of innovation and public leadership with the following topics on schedule:

  • Innovate Africa: Building systems that enable young people to succeed at a significant scale.
  • Public Leadership: Equipping Young Africans to transform the way governments innovate.

In a previously published press release, Africa Speakers Group had communicated its intention to make How I Built It a regular feature in all subsequent editions of the Africa Youth Conversation. “Following a recent review in the programme designed, How I Built It, a special content designed to create special opportunities for young people to learn vital lessons from those who are succeeding and those who have succeeded in building enduring legacies – young or not-so-young, will now be treated as a stand-alone-initiative” said Odinaka Iloh, Founder, Africa Speakers Group.

“We imagine that this signature session, How I Built It, will grow to become very critical to our vision for youths in Africa. Through real and compelling storytelling, How I Built It will inspire young people to pursue a higher purpose in life – like leaving a legacy- and also enable them to gain insights on key success factors,” he added.

The Africa Youth Conversation 2.0 promises to be much bigger, better and more impactful, armed with the lessons from the inaugural edition. The organizer, Africa Speakers Group, will be more aggressive and strategic in mobilizing the youth, policymakers, thought leaders, decision-makers, researchers, academics, the development community and media from the continent and beyond to participate in the forthcoming event.

Exceptional and passionate speakers will be assembled, in consonance with our standard, to share insights on the outlined themes.

Through collective action, a potent community support system and strategic engagements through effective relationship building, this edition of the Conversation will further the cause Africa Speakers Group are set out to pursue – “to seek solutions to what matters to Africa”.

By this announcement, partners and collaborators from across the continent and beyond are invited to join the Conversation in more ways than one.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact or +234 814 633 8931.

Africa Speakers Group is a leading platform for keynote speakers, influential thinkers and star performers on the African continent, and elsewhere in the world.


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This edition of AYC will cover two thematic areas of innovation and public leadership.
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